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Retail Store Closeout Sale!

Garden Gear

  • $29.95

    Foxgloves WORKS

    “The Gloves You Love To Wear” WORKS … like no other glove you’ve tried! A superior multi-purpose glove designed for comfortable, long-lasting wear....

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  • $42.00

    Foxgloves GAUNTLET

    “The Gloves You Love To Wear” Protection perfected! Comfort, dexterity, and superb performance define this Gauntlet glove. Perfect for thorny and a...

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  • $39.95

    Hanging Basket Rod, 58" L

    Saves bench space - Q1457 Easily hang plants and make the most of your greenhouse space. The rod allows plants to be ideally spaced. 58" long, 3/4"...

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