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Retail Store Update!

Charley's Watering Wand


Fast, gentle watering

Water your plants in half the time! The secret is in the special nozzle. Hundreds of very tiny holes break up a heavy flow of water into a gentle shower that won’t wash soil away. The wand is made of lightweight, anodized aluminum. It features an easy-to-use on/off trigger and insulated rubber cushion grip. The Ultra-Soft Nozzle with hundreds of tiny holes in the stainless steel face allows a fast flow of water, but droplets are so fine they do not disturb seedlings or wash away the soil. The wand fits any standard garden hose.

Select from:
16" Wand w/ Small Ultra-Soft Nozzle (1-1/2" diam, 480PL)
30" Wand w/ Large Ultra-Soft Nozzle (2-1/2" diam, 1000PL)