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Hardware & Glazing Tape

  • 1 inch Gasket Washer for Washer Head Screws
    from $9.95

    1 inch Gasket Washer for Washer Head Screws

    Use Gasket Washers on Washer Head Screws where fastening the center of panels to support blocking. The 1" wide EPDM Rubber Gasket Washer spreads ou...

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    from $9.95
  • from $8.50

    Washer Head Screws for Polycarbonate

    Rubber washer seals out water Use to install multi-wall polycarbonate panels, fiberglass, or corrugated plastic onto wood frame. EPDM Rubber washer...

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    from $8.50
  • $14.50

    Sikasil-N Plus Silicone Sealant for Polycarbonate

    This is the BEST choice for polycarbonate! Remains flexible. Mildew resistant. Weatherproof. Indoor/Outdoor. 100% silicone rubber sealant that wit...

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  • from $39.95

    Vented Polycarbonate Tape Roll

    Protect your poly panels Use this special adhesive tape to seal ends of Multi-Wall polycarbonate panels. The woven material is breathable, long-la...

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    from $39.95
  • $18.95

    Foam Glazing Tape 3/8" Wide

    Closed-cell for glass or Multi-Wall polycarbonate This foam tape has a closed-cell structure that cannot absorb moisture. Black color, super sticky...

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  • from $8.95

    Truss Head Screws for Aluminum Bar Caps & Poly Snap Caps

    aka Bar Cap Screws Use with Charley's B1456 Aluminum Bar Caps to hold multi-wall polycarbonate panels to your framework.Also used with B1453 Snap H...

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    from $8.95
  • $48.95

    Foilastic Butyl Glazing Tape, 30 ft

    Preferred by experienced glaziers Use this waterproof sealant tape for all exterior glazing joints. It is a solid ribbon of butyl adhesive, 1/16" t...

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  • $5.80

    Magnetic Socket Driver 1/4” x 2” for #10 Hex-Head Washer Head Screws

    Fits ¼” hex-head screws Like an extra hand, the magnet in this driver holds the screw in the socket. The magnet (on a spring) floats in or out to m...

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