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BY THE FOOT - Charley’s 12 mil Storm Cover, per ft


Toughest Greenhouse Woven Poly

For reliable protection, cover your greenhouse or cold frame with this super-strong poly. You won’t have to worry about your plants the next time the weather strikes with wind, hail, rain or snow! This covering is woven from ribbons of ultraviolet-protected polyethylene. It is sealed and waterproof. It will not stretch or tear loose if securely installed. Sunlight is diffused as it passes through; creating even lighting that prevents foliage sunburn, and promotes uniform plant growth. Rated 84% light transmission. Will last 4 to 5 years, longer in Northern and Coastal climates.

Use as a storm cover over your existing glazing to provide winter storm protection. The extra layer also creates an insulating air space to reduce heat loss. Install with Grommet Clips (C2040) and tie down to foundation. Stays flexible to -40°F and will not crack.

Comes 16 ft. wide, sold by the linear ft.