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Oasis Self-Watering System


Water up to 20 plants for 40 days!

Now you can have a reliable watering system for your plants while you are away.  Uses no electrical or water hookups. The internal reservoir holds 6-1/2 gallons, and the timer operates up to a year on one 9-volt battery (not included). Use program dial to select the length of the watering period: 10, 20, 30, or 40 days. The timer regulates the gravity flow system for complete reliability. Simple to set up in just minutes. Includes 32 ft. of distribution tubing, 20 tubing stakes, and 20 drippers. Size: 13" square, 8 lbs.

Not included:
9-Volt Battery, one needed

I just returned from 7 weeks vacation and this product is terrific! All my indoor plants were extremely happy and received just the right amount of water via that drip system. Even then, the tank still had several inches of water remaining -- I could have stayed away another two or three weeks. It works like a charm!
         Janice Hale, Bedford, MA
         Hobby Greenhouse Association