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Professional Misting System


Plug 'N Play Mist Kit

When the super fine mist from this system starts drifting over your plants, they will be so much happier! Evaporation of the mist can cool a greenhouse 10° to 20° F.

This expandable system has a simple push-together assembly and solid brass Slip-Lok fittings. The 6 nozzles are brass/stainless steel (1/2 gph), and the 3/8" tubing is UV treated. Includes 12 ft. misting line with 10 ft. lead-in, and hose coupling.

Extend up to 62 nozzles / 124 ft with additional parts listed below, dependent on your available water pressure.

Connects to any standard outdoor faucet or garden hose.


Orbit Replacement Parts and Accessories as available:
M6070-A-BRASS NOZZLE / Brass Nozzle Plug, 5 pak
M6070-B-ELBOW / Slip-Lok Elbow
M6070-C-TEE / Slip-Lok Tee (3-Way)
M6070-D-END PLUG / Brass End Plug
M6070-FITTING / Slip-Lok Fitting with Nozzle, 3 pak
M6070-NOZZLE / Replacement Nozzle, 5 pak
M6070-T FILTER / Water Filter
M6070-TUBING / 20 ft of 3/8" Tubing