• Silicon Cell Digital Light Meter

    Silicon Cell Digital Light Meter

    Create optimum light for your plants Accurately measure the amount of light your plants receive from grow lights or sunlight. Move your plants to the most favorable locations. The remote hand-held sensor features a lifetime silicon cell. Measures up to...

  • The Original Vermont Indoor/Outdoor 7" Thermometer

    The Original Vermont Indoor/Outdoor 7" Thermometer

    Classic craftsmanship Living finish brass and glass construction ensure accuracy and dependability even in the harshest weather environments.Features include a reversible mounting bracket that you can mount right or left, indoors or out. A reliable...

  • Universal Mobile Phone Microscope 60x

    Universal Mobile Phone Microscope 60x

    Detect, identify and photograph at 60x magnification Now you can view and photograph a pest, disease, or lovely ladybug and send it quickly off to be assessed or shared. The Active Eye Universal Mobile Phone Microscope is a compact, lightweight, 60X...

  • Vermont 4" Brass Dial Thermometer

    Vermont 4" Brass Dial Thermometer

    Classic outdoor thermometer 2 or more $49.95 each The 4" diameter, convex-glass crystal makes the large numerals easy to read. An exclusive, precision, German coil movement (FR4) on the dial thermometer measures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales from...

  • Vermont 8.5" Jumbo Dial Thermometer

    Vermont 8.5" Jumbo Dial Thermometer

    Large Dial outdoor thermometer LARGE DIAL THERMOMETERT10LFB | Solid Brass Super-sized 8.5" dial with extra large numerals for easy reading from across the room Reversible bracket for easy mounting on any suitable surface - indoors or outdoors, left or...

  • Hardwire Thermostat

    Waterproof Greenhouse Thermostat

    Reliable control - E3124 This quality thermostat will automatically control a fan system or heater. The moisture-proof case offers protection from the wet greenhouse climate. The external stainless steel temperature sensor is very accurate and quick to...

    $69.95 - $99.95
  • LaCrosse Wireless Rain Station

    Wireless Rain Station-1681217599

    Self emptying rain bucket with a wireless range up to 330 ft! - N3694   Never over-water your lawn or garden again! The LaCrosse Wireless Rain station accurately measures precipitation so you don't have to. The indoor base unit receives and displays...

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    Wireless Weather Station

    Wireless Weather Station

    N2725 This Wireless Weather Station provides real-time weather straight from your backyard. Monitor indoor and outdoor temperature with daily min/max records and humidity, track temperature trends and set your own high and low-temperature alerts – all in...