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16mm Polycarbonate Ridge Cap / Corner Cap


Simplify Assembly - for 16mm Polycarbonate

Poly 101 PDF - How To Install Polycarbonate Panels

Adding polycarbonate to your framework is easier when using these special pieces to hold the panels in place. The Caps are made of a tough, sunlight-resistant UVI polycarbonate, and are weatherproof and maintenance-free. Caps are easily cut to length with a hacksaw. 

Use at the ridge or corner to connect polycarbonate. This keeps out dirt and insects. 

Builder's Notes:
(see illustrations on page 7 of Poly 101 PDF in link above)

  1. Apply aluminum or other outdoor tape (optional). This capping is intentionally thin at the top for flexibility. During installation, the cap could split. You can apply aluminum or other outdoor tape along the top once you've established the angle you need, or sporadically if you will be covering the cap with metal flashing.
  2. Fasten the Ridge Cap to the ridge beam with truss-head or decking screws.
  3. Insert the polycarbonate into the Ridge Cap.
  4. Leave 1/16" to 1/8" gap at the top to allow the panels to breathe and to expand in warm weather.
  5. Metal Flashing (optional) should be installed over the Ridge Cap for protection.