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8mm Polycarbonate Sheet


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Featuring Crystal w/ Anti-Fog, Opal Diffused, and Bronze

8mm (5/16") TwinWall channels trap air between 2 walls. Choose from Crystal w/ Anti-Fog, Opal Diffused, and Bronze.

(Special order 8mm (5/16") 3-Wall channels trap air between 3 walls.  Color is Crystal w/ Anti-Fog.)

* Crystal -- Features anti-fog interior coating to reduce condensation.
* Opal Diffused -- Scattered light comes through diffused opal (8mm), compared to direct light that comes through translucent opal (6mm, 10mm, 16mm, 25mm).
* Bronze

Installation: The flutes (channels) run the length of the panel. Install panel with flutes vertical. Panel ends should be capped or sealed with a vented tape that allows interior condensation to escape. Dimensions + or - 1/8".

8mm (5/16") Crystal Opal Bronze
Light Transmission 81% 57% 42%
R- Value 1.7 1.7 1.7

10-year limited warranty on properly installed Multi-Wall polycarbonate against

  • premature yellowing
  • a loss of more than 10% of the original light transmission
  • breakage of the top layer caused by 1” hail
  • warranty may vary with different manufacturers

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Opal & Bronze Polycarbonate

The white tint in Opal provides a pleasant light diffusion that reduces glare and overheating. Unlike the Bronze panel, Opal allows more of the growing light spectrum needed by plants for healthy growth.

Opal is recommended for roof applications, especially in Southern states, and at higher elevations where solar radiation can be intense. The insulating, internal air space reduces condensation, making it ideal for a patio roof.

Bronze tint is attractive and is ideal for patio roof and walls. It provides shading, privacy, and minimizes condensation.