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Polycarbonate Store

Polycarbonate Store

  • from $18.95

    Poly Patch Tape

    Poly Mending Tape Extend the life of your covering. Mend polyethylene fast and easy. Long-lasting, super-stick, clear adhesive. UV protected. Many ...

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    from $18.95
  • $12.50

    Sikasil-N Plus Silicone Sealant for Polycarbonate

    This is the BEST choice for polycarbonate! Remains flexible. Mildew resistant. Weatherproof. Indoor/Outdoor. 100% silicone rubber sealant that wit...

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  • from $8.95

    Truss Head Screws for Aluminum Bar Caps & Poly Snap Caps

    aka Bar Cap Screws Use with Charley's B1456 Aluminum Bar Caps to hold multi-wall polycarbonate panels to your framework.Also used with B1453 Snap H...

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    from $8.95
  • from $39.95

    Vented Polycarbonate Tape Roll

    Protect your poly panels Use this special adhesive tape to seal ends of Multi-Wall polycarbonate panels. The woven material is breathable, long-la...

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    from $39.95
  • from $8.50

    Washer Head Screws for Polycarbonate

    Rubber washer seals out water Use to install multi-wall polycarbonate panels, fiberglass, or corrugated plastic onto wood frame. EPDM Rubber washer...

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    from $8.50