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Retail Store Update!

Translucent Orchid Pots


Our traditional orchid square pots have bottom drainage. Using translucent pots allows you to observe root development. 

Epiphytic plants (orchids, bromeliads, and others) grow with their roots exposed to open air and sunlight. This encourages photosynthesis in the roots and prevents them from staying too damp for too long.

The closest thing to this environment we can give them (without growing them in trees ourselves) is growing in clearer pots. This lets the roots get light, and lets us observe the moisture content of the potting medium to avoid overwatering.


2-1/4" square x 3-1/4" high 

3-1/2" square x 4" high 

5-1/2" diam x 4-1/4" high 

6" diam x 4-1/2" high

6" diam x 6" high 

7-1/2" diam x 5-1/2" high