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Color Spectrum 12W LED Grow Bulbs

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Original price $21.95
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Grow indoors all year

These LED grow bulbs replace up to a 150 Watt Flood, using only 12 watts of power. Grow plants and vegetables indoors year-round, and give your plants the natural light they crave without the UV.

Based on NASA Color Spectrum Technology. Lasts up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Runs for $1.44 est. cost per year at 3 hours/day. UL Listed. No Mercury.

Select Spectrum:
* Flowering with Red - Absolute Daylight MAX Flowering with red spectrum. Ideal for plants and vegetables. Promotes flowering and fruiting.
* Heavy Red & Blue - Ultra Daylight with red and blue spectrum for intense plant growth.

(Not for use with dimmer switches.)

Move your light quickly wherever you need it with our optional L5209 LED Clamp-On Light Fixture.