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Maxsea Bloom 3-20-20, 1.5 lb concentrate

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Use Maxsea Bloom 3-20-20 Food, to improve flowering, bud set, count, and blossom size. Continue through the blooming period.

Extensive horticultural research results at Clemson University have proven that seaweed stimulates plant growth, seed germination, improves resistance to disease, enhances roots, and promotes blossom and fruit development.

Among the most prized seaweed is the North Atlantic cold-water seaweed. It contains over 60 recognized elements, plus vitamins, minerals, hormones and enzymes. Maxsea is a blend of this seaweed, organic and select primary plant foods, and other important minor elements. The easy-to-use concentrate dissolves instantly in water for immediate results. (Application rate 1 Tbls./gal. water.)

1.5 lb concentrate