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Zenport Omega Grafting Tool


Increase your grafting success - T8149

Quickly and easily create professional-quality grafts. The clean-cut made by this grafting tool gives you a perfect fit, every time – increasing considerably the likelihood of your graft “taking”.

Our 2-in-1 tool contains both a pruner and grafting guillotine. Use the pruner to prepare the plant to be grafted by trimming away excess leaves and twigs. Next, use the grafting guillotine to make a perfect omega cut into the grafting stock. Since the same blade is used on the rootstock and scion, they easily slot together and form a tight bond.

Creating a clean cut is imperative for grafting. Both the Omega Grafting Tool’s trimming and grafting blades are made from SK5 high carbon steel for increased strength and durability. Plus, blades are hard-chrome treated for better resistance to rust. This means they will stay sharp longer, as well as resist chipping and deformation. Like any tool, however, with extensive use, they will eventually lose their edge. Replacement blades can easily be swapped in - see T8149-B.