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Lockknit Shade Fabric Kit, 60% density, green


A low-cost option for shading your greenhouse!  

Economical, lightweight, and easy to handle. Cut to any shape or size. It will not unravel. 100% UV-stabilized polyethylene. Grommet Clips and tie-down cord included. 60% Density.* Green. Choose 12 ft x 12 ft kit or 12 ft x 16 ft kit.

-- Reduces temperatures up to 15 degrees F.
-- Blocks infrared sun rays.
-- Draws cool air from the ground.
-- Reusable and easy to install.
-- Ideal for play area and patio sun screen, pool cover, privacy screen.

To be effective, your shade panel should come down 2 ft over the eaves, and be at least the length of the greenhouse.

* Density is the percentage of sunlight blocked by the shade.

Install: Panel should be secured every 2 ft to spread panel out evenly.