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Centro Duster Mist Sprayer

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Gently sprinkle seedlings, dust rooting compounds on cuttings, or insecticides on plants. Two different spray heads for multi-uses. 12 oz. capacity.


Rubber plunge can be topped with either a fine brass rose or rubber tip to gently sprinkle seedlings, dust with rooting compound, water undersides of plants or apply insecticides directly onto plants where a gentle touch is required.

Dimensions: With wand 11-1/2” L; plunge 6-1/2” L x 4” Diameter

Push either tip onto curved end of wand. Push straight end of wand into plunge, until well sealed.

Trouble Shooting:
Squeeze gently; pressure coming out of wand is quite forceful.

Maintenance: Wash thoroughly with warm soap and water; air dry.

Common Recommendations:
For use when gentle rain like watering, or dusting is needed.