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Charley's Orchid Bark


If it says Charley's, you know it's good!

Quality, clean, professional growing mediums you can depend on to keep your orchids healthy and looking their best. Use with equal success on epiphytic plants such as bromeliads.

Fir bark has been the standard potting medium used by orchid hobbyists nationwide for over a quarter of a century. Ours is the same fir bark that is used by leading professional growers nationwide. We have been extremely pleased with the consistent quality. Recommended for all medium to large thick-rooted orchids.

Kiln-dried Douglas fir bark. Contains no California bark.

Shipping Note:  Qty 2 of 1/4 cu ft and Qty 1 of 1 cu ft both ship in a large 13x13x13 box. Please call to order.