Crop Cover Leaf

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A3782 06 050,A3782 06 100,A3782 12 025
Plant Cover
Plant Protector
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Plant Protection

Keep your garden plants warmer and growing longer in the fall and earlier in the spring.

Crop Cover acts as a greenhouse: lets 80% of sunlight in, excess heat escapes during the day and ground heat is retained at night. This non-woven spun-bound polypropylene protects against frosts down to 26° F. Can be used effectively as a protective wrap for ornamental shrubs. Also, acts as a barrier to destructive insects and birds. You can reuse Crop Cover because it is heavier than other brands and is UV stabilized. (1.0 oz./sq.yd.)

Keep your crop cover from blowing away with A3794 Ground Staples.

Select 12 ft x 25 ft blanket, 6ft x 50 ft roll, or 6 ft x 100 ft roll.