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Built-In Plant pH Preferences

Knowing and maintaining proper soil pH maximizes plant growth for healthier plants. Now you can instantly take the guesswork out of knowing and adjust soil pH needs for your lawn, garden, and houseplants. This clever soil pH meter has a built-in database of over 400 plant pH preferences!

Easy to operate – Just turn on the power button and choose from the digital LCD screen:

  • Favorites – to build your own list of plants you are growing.
  • Basic Mode – to go directly to the pH test screen, without a specific plant selection.
  • Plant List – for an alphabetical plant selection list. Select a letter of the alphabet and the meter displays a list of plants that start with that letter.

Choose the plant growing, or that will be planted, in the soil being tested. Push the select button. The screen instantly displays the plant’s name and its ideal pH range from 3.5 to 9.0. Using the enclosed probe, test the soil to obtain its current pH. Complete details on how to lower or raise soil pH are given. Instructions and batteries included.