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Direct Vent Empire Gas Heater

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Wall-mounted design means easy, low-cost installation with no chimney. The direct wall vent draws outside air for combustion and vents exhaust gases directly outside. This feature is highly recommended if you grow orchids. No electricity required, so the heater will continue to operate normally even during an electrical power outage. The remote wall thermostat provides precise heating control.

Direct-Vent heaters are designed for quiet operation. Fuel is ignited immediately as it enters the burner port, eliminating the ignition sound. Convenient, matchless Piezo pilot ignition - simple pushbutton system lights the pilot without matches. 100% safety shutoff. Compact cabinet takes up little space, projects into the room less than 12". (Largest heaters: 37" wide x 28" high.) Thermostat, vent tubing, sealant, and siding kit included.

NOTE: All Direct-Vent Gas Heaters require special shipping charges. These charges will be higher than the standard shipping charges shown for these items in the shopping cart checkout process. Before shipping, Charley's will contact you for approval of any additional shipping costs.

The optional Blower is recommended to increase heat circulation through the heater and distribute heat. It can be added at any time. 60 cfm, 115 volts, prewired 6 ft. power cord.

The optional Galvanized Steel Mounting Panel can be used to replace the glazing where the heater is installed. Size: 24" x 35-1/2" with a hole for the heater vent. White finish on one side. (For Cross Country and SolarGro greenhouses, 25-1/2" mounting bars are included for mounting the gas heater.)