Down-Up Hanging Basket Pulley Leaf

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Hanging Plant Pulley
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Easy height adjustment - Q1688

No more unsafe balancing on step ladders with heavy water cans! This handy pulley makes it easy to lower and raise your hanging baskets for watering, feeding and plant care. A spring loaded tape locks the basket in place at the desired height. Vertical adjustment is up to 31". Charley's Hi-Lo pulley holds up to 20 lbs! Hangs from wall bracket or attach directly to a hook in ceiling, wall or post.


For trouble-free operation of your Down-Up Pulley:

  1. Assemble swivel hook and slip onto basket bracket. Attach Down-Up to swivel hook.
  2. Pull down Down-Up hook. Do not let go. Attach hanging basket.
  3. Place hands under basket and raise to uppermost position. Lower slightly in a gentle manner to engage locking device before removing hands.
  4. To lower basket for tending plants and watering, place hands under basket and ease upwards slightly to release locking device. Then lower fairly quickly to the required height, slowing down to engage the locking device before removing hands.

Trouble Shooting:

  • Do not withdraw tape in horizontal position.
  • Do not exceed maximum loading 20 lb / 11 kg.
  • Do not subject Down-Up to shock loading, i.e. by allowing basket to drop suddenly without support.
  • In windy conditions leave Down-Up in its uppermost position apart from when watering and tending plants.