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Foxgloves Elle


Distinctive elbow length extends comfort and protection from fingertip to elbow. Protects hands and forearms against scratches, irritation from plant oils, and sun damage while providing soothing support. With this glove you can reach into bushes, pick up brush or leaves and remain unscathed! A tough glove that’s elegant enough to wear as formal attire.

“Your gloves are THE best I have had in 50+ years of gardening. I have small hands; Foxgloves stretch to a perfect fit that makes it easy to pick up the myriad tiny stones that New England gardens “grow” every winter …to plant seeds, crocuses, shrubs, and everything in between. For wet work such as transplanting seedlings, I slip a pair of waterproof gloves over my Foxgloves …they will always be my workhorse gloves. THANK YOU!”
- Carolyn B., Massachusetts


  • Water-resistant high-tech sports fabric provides durability
  • Supplex® nylon feels cottony soft but is tough and resilient
  • Lycra® elastane provides four-way stretch and form fit
  • The breathable knit fabric keeps soil out, hands and nails clean
  • Extended sleeve supports and protects hands, wrist, and forearm
  • Lab certified 50+ UPF rating for maximum sun protection
  • Machine wash, dry low heat, or line dry

    *Unisex Sizes
    Form-fitting Foxgloves come in three unisex sizes

    Size Fits
    Small glove size 6 - 6 1/2, for petite and short-fingered hands
    Medium glove size 6 1/2 - 8, for most hands
    Large glove size 8 1/2 and over