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Foxgloves Elle GRIP


Distinctive elbow length extends comfort and protection from fingertip to elbow. Silicone grip ovals and form fit provide sure-handed, non-slip holding power. Excellent choice when using tools in the garden. Offers soothing support while protecting hands and forearms against scratches, irritation from plant oils, and sun damage. You will appreciate the added value and versatility of this attractive performance glove.

“I just worked in the garden for the past 4 hours, and every moment I wore my fuchsia Foxgloves! I dug alfalfa and Epsom salts around my roses, planted new nursery packs and scattered seeds, fertilized the entire yard, and not once did I need to wear any other gloves but yours. I even had the dexterity to handle small larkspur seeds with no trouble. I washed my hands with my Foxgloves still on, then rinsed them and hung them to dry … My hands look great, though my back is sore!”
- Kris H., California


  • Water-resistant high-tech sports fabric provides durability
  • Supplex® nylon feels cottony soft but is tough and resilient
  • Lycra® elastane provides four-way stretch and form fit
  • Soft, pliable silicone grip ovals for non-slip holding power
  • The breathable knit fabric keeps soil out, hands and nails clean
  • Extended sleeve supports and protects hands, wrist, and forearm
  • Lab certified 50+ UPF rating for maximum sun protection
  • Machine wash, dry low heat, or line dry

      *Unisex Sizes
      Form-fitting Foxgloves come in three unisex sizes

      Size Fits
      Small glove size 6 - 6 1/2, for petite and short-fingered hands
      Medium glove size 6 1/2 - 8, for most hands
      Large glove size 8 1/2 and over