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Foxgloves GRIP


Comfort, style, and versatility! Form fit and silicone grip ovals combine to provide sure-handed, non-slip holding power when using tools in the garden or around the house. Preferred by birders and outdoor photographers.

“As a passionate gardener who grows everything from Orchids to Cactus, I swear by your product. I can spread mulch or repot orchids and my hands never looked better. Potting orchid is a delicate process and your gloves allow me the flexibility needed. These gloves may look pretty but don’t be fooled they are extremely durable. I recently also purchased a pair for outdoor photography – in cool weather, they help keep the hands warm during focusing.”
- Donna P., Florida


  • Water-resistant high-tech sports fabric provides durability
  • Supplex® nylon feels cottony soft but is tough and resilient
  • Lycra® elastane provides four-way stretch and form fit
  • Breathable knit fabric keeps soil out, hands and nails clean
  • Longer cuff protects the wrist from scratches and keeps soil out
  • Lab certified 50+ UPF rating for maximum sun protection
  • Machine wash, dry low heat, or line dry

*Unisex Sizes
Form-fitting Foxgloves come in three unisex sizes

Size Fits
Small glove size 6 - 6 1/2, for petite and short-fingered hands
Medium glove size 6 1/2 - 8, for most hands
Large glove size 8 1/2 and over