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Inflation Blower for Poly Film Greenhouse

Blower & Options

For double-poly greenhouse

All of these items can be used on any type of greenhouses covered with poly film including freestanding, cold frames, quonsets, and gutter-connected greenhouses.

Inflation Blower:
This centrifugal Blower maintains air space between poly film layers to increase insulation.  Features adjustable inlet to obtain proper operating pressure 4" diameter mounting flange, 3" blower wheel, automatic thermal protection. 5" W x 7" L. 50 CFM, 0.23 amps, 115 volt.

Optional Mounting Bracket:
The Mounting Bracket secures the C3040 Inflation Blower to the frame of a double-poly greenhouse.  It comes with a deflector to protect the outer layer of the poly film. 4-1/4" W x 7" L x 2-1/4" D.

Optional Jumper Kit:
The 24" Jumper Kit is a flexible hose for inflating side or end wall of a double-poly greenhouse. 24" L x 5-1/2" circumference. End flange has a 3" diameter.


Adjustable Inflation Blower
Centrifugal blower maintains air space between the film layers. The side panel on the inflation blower allows regulation of air volume.  Air can be adjusted from 0 to 60 CFM.  Not for use with speed controllers. The blower has a circular flange that fits the exclusive Blower Bracket and Air Deflector Kit (sold separately).

Bracket and Deflector for Adjustable Inflation Blower
The exclusive Blower Bracket and Air Deflector Kit has a 4-port air deflector that reduces film deterioration by directing air away from the film layer.  White cap reduces degradation and eliminates air flow restrictions.

Jumper Hose for inflating end wall poly from the roof poly.