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Light Rail™ 3.5 IntelliDrive Kit

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HID mover doubles growing area

The self-propelled motor moves your HID light back and forth along a track. This movement spreads the light over a wider area, allowing you to grow more plants under one light.

This Light Rail 3.5 with 10 RPM Intelli-drive motor has a 0 to 60-second adjustable time delay for promoting even growth from end to end. It also has a 2 to 4 feet per minute adjustable speed control that covers a wide range of lamp intensities and travel distances. The round-trip cycle takes approximately 25 minutes.

Comes complete with a drive motor, easy to assemble 6 ft. rail, mounting hardware, and instructions.

Prewired 9-ft. cord. 120 volts. UL listed.

2 yr. mfg. warranty.

Max. weight capacity: 35 lbs.

Total Length: 70-1/2" 

(Light not included.) 

Also, available is a 3-foot extension (order separately).