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Light Rail™ 3 ft. Extension

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LightRail 3’3” Extender Rail: 

The Extender Rails have a variety of uses. When added to the standard 2-meter Rail, they can be used with the Auxiliary Trolley to aid in the festooning of vent tubing, or with the Add-A-Lamp components, they can enable two grow lights to run in a 9 foot (3 meters) configuration instead of a 12 foot (4 meters) configuration. Another use might be to run indoor garden lights over a 9 foot (3 meters) area instead of a 6 foot (2 meters) area during situations when less light is needed such as early growth/seedlings or with low light plants.

The Extender Rail is compatible with LightRail 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.20 and comes with pins, allowing a Motor to cross the seam of the Rail.

Three alignment pins and necessary mounting hardware included.