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Light Intensity Meter

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Create the optimum light for your plants’ growth

Light is the most important factor affecting plant life. Using this meter, you can determine and accurately adjust the amount of light for each of your plants. Create optimum growing conditions for plant growth, development, and seed germination.

The meter measures in footcandles light emitted from fluorescent and HID fixtures, and from the sun. A handy sensor on a 24" cord lets you easily measure under lights and in foliage. It is powered by a photovoltaic cell – no batteries to wear out. Lighting booklet with light intensity and exposure times for over 150 species included. Range 0 to 10,000 footcandles.


Clarification of Readings:
- Sun & HID:  Slide switch up. Read top scale ONLY. Multiply all readings by 1000.
- Fluorescence:  Slide switch down. Read bottom scale ONLY. Multiply all readings by 10.

For plants already in position.
Note:  Light Meter has three positions:  up - Sun & HID, middle - Off, down - Fluorescent
- Measure the light intensity at leaf level.
- Consult the Table of light requirements (in instruction booklet)
- If too much light:
     Reposition plants.
     Shield plant
     Screen or curtain light
- If too little light:
     Reposition closer to light
     Reposition to another location
     Supplement artificially
- For New Plants:
     Take readings at all possible locations and at different times of the day.
     Take readings at several distances from the light source.
     Jot down readings of each location and distance.
     Consult table of light requirements (in instruction booklet)