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Permaflect Reflective Foil Insulation


Foil Insulation saves heating dollars! - C7572

Our insulation improves your greenhouse and saves money by keeping it warmer and dramatically enhancing light levels.  This tough, reinforced foil is easy to install and can be wiped clean for long-lasting, high reflectivity.  2 mil thickness.

New construction:  Lay under flooring. 

Retrofit:  Use our Double-Faced Tape B7571 to install on north wall.  In northern latitudes and severe climates, use inside north roof, north, east and west walls.

Maximize your indoor lighting:  Use it as a wall or floor covering, or as a room divider.

Reflects 85% of heat energy and 95% of light, creating a warmer, brighter greenhouse.   The mesh increases diffusion - no more hot spots.  Seal joints with Foil Tape B7565.

Roll is 54" wide. 

Select:  25 ft roll or 100 ft roll.