Greenhouse Poly Cover, 6 mil UVI Leaf

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Greenhouse Accessories
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Poly Cover
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Our poly maintains a warmer climate and promotes more rapid plant growth. It transmits over 90% of sunlight, is UV protected, and the extra strength of 6-mil thickness resists wind and snow. Features two, new, high-tech ingredients. The Infrared component saves energy by slowing loss from the greenhouse of infrared (heat) waves. 4-yr. mfg warranty.

Select 16 ft wide or 20 ft wide.

Please Note: UV stabilized films should never be used in contact with PVC pipe as a reaction will occur, resulting in damage to the film and voiding the warranty.
    Both Metal and PVC pipes should be insulated with a tape between the pipe and the poly. Painting the PVC pipe with latex paint (a light color) will prolong the life of the pipe and the poly.

(Charley's cuts 25, 50, and 75 long pieces from a 100 ft stock roll.)

Click here for instructions PDF.

STORE ONLY for Remnants/Ft, 16 ft and 20 ft wide.