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Reflectix Insulation


2 ft Wide - Price Per Linear Ft.

***Please select how many linear ft. you need.***

Dual-Purpose Insulation, Double value

Reduce heat loss and increase the light level in your greenhouse. Keeps your plants warmer by reducing 4 types of heat loss: radiant, conductive, convective, and infiltration. Light is increased by the reflection of sunlight or grow lights. Ideal for north wall/roof of a single glass greenhouse.

Made of layers of poly-bubbles and foil. Tough, but easy to cut with scissors. Splice with Foil Tape, and install with staples or Velcro® Tape.

Depending on your existing glazing and placement, a single layer of Reflectix insulation will increase the R-Value of your glazing to 1.6 to 3.7 R-value.