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Root Re-Vitalizer, 1.5 oz

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Does your container plant look like it has those “winter blues”? ROOT works to stimulate and re-energize “tired” plants in depleted soil. Scientifically developed for professional growers, ROOT contains 8 different beneficial microbes that convert nitrogen and phosphorous in the soil to simpler forms for easier uptake and use by plants.

Benefits include:

  • Improves and revitalizes soil fertility
  • Enhances plant nutrition
  • Improves health and growth of seedling transplants
  • Reduces disease
  • Strengthens root growth and development
  • Easy application – completely water-soluble

Established plants: Mix 4 teaspoons of ROOT per gallon of water and apply as a drench every 2 weeks.

Seedlings: Mix 2 teaspoons of ROOT per gallon of water. Apply as a drench upon transplanting and weekly thereafter.

Hydroponics reservoirs: Mix 1 teaspoon of ROOT per gallon of water.

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