Schaefer Long-Life Circulation Fan Leaf

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Efficient & Durable

This commercial quality, rugged, tapered fan will provide years of non-stop air circulation with a gentle breeze your plants will love. The quiet, fan is housed in an epoxy-coated, steel guard. L-shaped ceiling mounting bracket included. The maintenance-free motor never needs oiling, is completely enclosed, and uses moisture-resistant bearings for long life.
* 8" model effectively circulates air up to 30 feet. Ready to plug in with 4-1/2 ft grounded power cord. 5 blades, 450 cfm, 0.6 amps, 115 volts. Size: 11" L x 10" H, weight 10 lbs.
* 12" model includes non-wired power cord. Choose to attach the cord or hard wire into your system. Also, the motor is set up for 115 volts. If you want 230V, you can rewire the motor. 3 blades, 1470 cfm, .65/1.3 amps, 115V/230V. Size: 15" L x 14" H, weight 18 lbs.
* Optional Safety Cable Kit:  (as shown in the instructions PDF)
For additional safety, a secondary support should be installed anytime the fan is mounted overhead. See optional BIGDOG® ceiling hanging kit (4 x 15 ft cables and hardware).

NOTE:  8" model takes 10-15 days to ship out.

Click here for instructions PDF.