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Franchi Seeds of Italy

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Chicory. Radicchio di Castelfranco. Round crunchy closed head. Variegated with beautiful red & light green markings. Lovely in the salad bowl. Fall planting is best for full-size plant, anytime for baby. If planting in the spring, use transplants so as to be able to harvest before full heat of summer. This is easy to grow and very consistent in producing a nice head. 9 gram packet, approx. 5,400 seeds. PFRAN40-5

Curly Kale. Nero Di Toscana Precoce. The only kale grown in Italy. Wrinkled dark green (almost black) leaves with a smooth edge. Excellent taste; improves after a frost. Very hardy. Usually lasts until January in my Zone 5 garden; will last all winter in Zone 6b and higher. 60 or so days. Direct seed or transplants anytime after last frost date. Space 10-12 inches. 6 gram pack, approximately 1,500 seeds. Approximately 250-300 seeds per gram. PFRAN35-7

French Thyme. Timo di Provenza. A perennial herb.  It stands about 12 inches high. Start seeds in early spring inside, transplant out after last frost date. Space 10" apart in a well drained soil. Sunny location or partial shade.  These can be divided every two or three years. .5 gram packet. Approximately 6000 seeds per gram. PFRAN132-2

Chard. Verde a Costa Blanca - green and silver. Large head, huge leaves, thick white stem. Beautiful & excellent taste. Cook leaves like spinach, braise stems with olive oil, sprinkle with parmesan. 55 days. Spring, Summer, Fall. 7 gram packet. Approximately 300 seeds. Approximately 40-60 seeds per gram. PFRAN14-3

Marigold. Tagete Gigante a Fiore Pieno - multicolor. Nice formula mix of giant marigolds. 60 or so days. 16 inches in height. Big flowers. Direct seed or transplants. Sow at the last frost date, 2-3 seeds every 12 inches and thin to one. For transplants, start 6 weeks or so before set out date, 1 seed per cell covered with 1/8 inch soil. Set out at 12-14 inch spacing at last frost date. 2.5 gram packet, approximately 700 seeds. PFRAN353-2

Parsley. Giant of Naples. Very large flat-leaf variety from Naples with incredible flavor. Plants are large with strong, long stalks and large leaves. Start from seed or transplants. Leaves grow back stronger after cutting. 75-80 days. Very cold hardy. Will overwinter in most areas. 12 gram packet, about 5,000 seeds. Approximately 500-600 seeds per gram. PFRAN108-2

Eggplant. Violetta Lunga. "Long Purple." 8-inch-long, rustic, deep purple eggplant. Grown all over Italy. Classic rich eggplant taste. Good producer, reliable. 70 days. 3 gram packet, approximately 600 seeds. Approximately 200-250 per gram. PFRAN90-1

Snapdragon. Bocca di Leone. We call this cheerful garden flower Snapdragon, the Italians call it "Mouth of the Lion." It is a favorite of children, who love to pinch the flowers to make them open. This tall variety also makes a great cut flower. The mix contains bright and pastel colors. Snapdragons can be planted in fall in southern or mild winter areas. In cold winter areas, start them indoors in late winter and plant out in early spring. Our pack is 2 grams, about 7,000 seeds. PFRAN307-1

Basil. Bolloso Napoletano. Big leaf basil. Dark green wrinkled leaves. Very intense flavor and aroma (unlike most big leaf types). Leaves are as big as your hand. Prefers full sun. 8 gram packet. Basil has approximately 600-650 seeds per gram. PFRAN13-8

Oregano. Origano-Perenne Comune. Perennial. Real oregano, not the puny stuff you find in garden centers. Large highly flavored leaves. Sow seeds early in spring, plant out after last frost date. Space at 12 inches. Divide every three years or so. 0.5 gram packet. Approximately 300-400 seeds per packet. PFRAN94-1

Arugula. Rucola Cultivated.  Arugula survives low temperatures and is usually the first and last salad green in the garden. Under row cover, it will survive all but the coldest winters. Arugula coltivata means cultivated Arugula. It is the quickest variety, ready to eat in about 30-40 days from direct sowing. In cool weather, the flavor is mild but as the temperature rises, so does the "peppery" flavor. It is best when picked in the baby to adolescent stage, 4 to 6 inches tall. Sprinkle seeds about an inch apart. Replant frequently — every 2-3 weeks — for a long season of harvest. Our huge packets provide plenty of seed. PFRAN115-1