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Shade Stand-Off Kit

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For better air circulation - C2090

Provide extra cooling for your greenhouse by suspending the shade panel 9" above the ridge beam. This allows better air circulation out of vents and between shade and roof. For any greenhouse with at least a 2" wide flat ridge beam and a maximum of 20 ft long.

Kit Includes: Four brackets with 1½" PVC sockets (2 ends and 2 center supports). Instructions included. ***You will need to obtain 1½" Schedule AD PVC pipe locally.

For greenhouses larger than 20 ft long, you will need extra center support C2092.

UPDATE:  Although we no longer make the Shade Stand-Off Kit, you can use the information and instructions here to make your own kit.  Your hometown hardware store will have the PVC pipe and fittings.

Click here for instructions PDF.