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Charley's 2-Tier Light Cart (T-12 tubes)


Compact T-12 Light Cart

Our light stands and carts are well-designed, quality systems with features such as:

  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Pre-wired light fixtures
  • 2 T-12 wide-spectrum tubes per fixture (included)
  • Grounded safety power cord with on/off switch
  • 4 removable grow trays

Lights are fully adjustable for height on vertical tracks. Simple frame assembly. UL-listed components. Measures 52" L x 12" W x 40" H. 2 shelves, 2 fixtures (includes the four 4-ft. T-12 tubes). Power cord approx. 4ft. long.

Add the optional heavy vinyl cover (L5027) with a sturdy zipper door for even more humidity control.

Standard replacement T12 fluorescent tubes are readily available at most hardware and lighting stores. (Bring a tube with you to find a similar tube, prongs, specs.) Look for full, wide, or brightest spectrum, 32 to 40 watts (cool running), from 5000 K full spectrum to 6700 K brightest sunlight.

>> box size 58x15x9, 42 lbs

Please call for ship quote.