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Shutter Motor


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For positive control of Charley's Heavy-Duty Aluminum Shutters - C3259

Assures maximum airflow by holding the shutter completely open. Prevents drafts on cold windy days by holding the shutter tightly closed. Wire to fan thermostat. Will relieve starting load on the fan by opening shutter when the fan turns on. 100-240 volt. Recommended where intake shutter is 12 ft. or farther from the fan. Order 12", 16", 18", 20", 24", 30" or 36" Heavy-Duty Aluminum Shutter separately.

NOTE:  This Shutter Motor # 24N064 is also wired for an optional shutter limiting switch, not included, and not necessary.

Shutter Motor is not warranted for any application other than Charley's Heavy-Duty Aluminum Shutters (C3212).

Click here for general fan system instructions PDF.