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T5 Light Fixture with Timer

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Timing is Everything!

Start seeds and cuttings or grow herbs, flowers, or vegetables with increased success! This high-output, energy-efficient, light system ensures that your plants get the light they need for robust growth.

The super-slim T5 Light Strip includes a 6400K full-spectrum T5 lamp and electronic ballast. A specialized reflector directs light downward, bathing your plants in the full-spectrum light they love.

The built-in timer lets you easily set a 12 hour on/12 hours off schedule or an 18 hour on/6 hours off schedule with a simple push of a button.

LIGHTWEIGHT- weighs less than two lbs.!

You can daisy-chain up to 5 lights together by adding an optional Link Cord (L5388) for each extra fixture.

The system includes a 4 ft. fixture with reflector, T5 lamp, built-in timer, 6’ power cord, installation hardware, and instructions.