Vari-Shade Concentrate Leaf

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Greenhouse Accessories
Shading Paint

Greenhouse Shading Paint

Vari-Shade screens out excess summer sun but becomes transparent during rainy weather to allow more light into the greenhouse. When Vari-Shade dries, it turns white, resuming its shading effect. The wet/dry-clear/shade cycle can repeat indefinitely as weather conditions change. Vari-Shade can be thinned with water to provide the shading density desired. Apply with roller or brush. Concentrated 1 quart covers approx. 800 sq. ft.

Note:  We may not be able to ship when destination temperatures are below 25° F because the product contains water and may freeze. We will hold your order until it is safe to ship.


VariShade 2® coating has been specially produced for glass or plastic greenhouses. It can also be applied to fiberglass. It is usually applied to the outside of the panels.

- Thin with water to satisfy methods of application and/or shading density by mixing in clean equipment one part VariShade 2® with one to six parts of water or as required to achieve desired shading.
- For very intensive shading, a Solar Sunstill color additive can be added to VariShade 2® before application. Available from Mfg.
- Test mixture on a small area with a mister or fine spray. It can also be applied by brush, roller or cloth.
- Be sure to apply VariShade 2® during dry weather as fog or humid climate may alter your desired affect and cause streaking. The product requires time to dry thoroughly and cure.
- Product is a concentrate; dilution with water to achieve desired shading is required.

- VariShade 2® concentrate will thicken with storage but it will become less viscous with stirring or shaking.
- According to manufacturer you can use the product without diluting it, the only negative result is that VS-2 will not be as transparent when it is in the wet stage.
- If the water you are using to dilute is not at the correct ph you may have issues, manufacturer suggested using store bought water and trying a test with and without store bought water.

For removal apply a 3% mixture of an alkaline cleanser such as Soilax® or Spic and Span® in water. Let this mixture soften the VariShade 2® and then flush with water.

Can be used on glass, plastic or fiberglass. Can be applied by brush or spray. SHAKE WELL. AVOID FREEZING. Concentrate should be protected from freezing. The dry/wet, shade/clear cycle will repeat continuously as weather conditions change, cooling on hot days yet speeding growth and helping to eliminate disease in dull wet conditions.

Early Fall 2023 update:  Shortage of raw materials is continuing to cause mfg delay. We'll keep checking for availability.