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Wire Shelf with Braces

Wire Color
Shelf Length
Shelf Width

Min Order Qty. = 2

Provides more growing space, lets light and air through

This attractive wire mesh shelf allows air circulation around plants and lets maximum sunlight through to the plants below. The wire spacing is extra close to support small pots, and the shelf stays clean without collecting soil or water.

Two shelves can be placed end to end, making one long shelf. Order total length 2 ft. shorter than greenhouse wall to avoid difficult end support. Braces, wall hooks, and screws (for wood frame installation) included.

Order bolts separately -- English "T" Bolts K7473, Solar Gro Bolts 1410 (K1410 0.5). [4 ft shelves need 4 bolts each, 6 ft shelves need 6 bolts each.] For extra support, order 1487 (K8487) Chain.