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Garden Supplies

  • from $3.80

    Plant Labels

    Durable, white, high-quality, plastic plant markers. Write on them with a pencil or ink. Easily cleaned with household cleaner for reuse. Bendable....

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    from $3.80
  • $2.95

    Standard Flat

    Size: 10 x 20 Available with holes or without holes.

  • $1.99

    Compartment Pot-Paks

    Plant starter (Minimum quantity 10) Reusable plastic containers featuring individual cells to keep root systems separate. Ideal for cuttings or s...

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  • from $0.66

    Translucent Orchid Pot with Side Slots

    This vented translucent orchid pot has a raised center cone and continuous slots on the bottom and around the sides for maximum air circulation. Si...

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    from $0.66
  • $3.95

    Waterproof Garden Marker Pen

    Waterproof and fade resistant Avoid bleached-out labels and lost information. Special quick-dry, black ink resists fading. Writes on plastic, woo...

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  • from $0.54

    Round Pot Saucers

    Min. Order Qty. = 10 Hold water, improve humidity Sizes available (Diameter): 4", 6", 8", 10', 12"   

    from $0.54
  • from $23.95

    Charley's Watering Wand

    Fast, gentle watering Water your plants in half the time! The secret is in the special nozzle. Hundreds of very tiny holes break up a heavy flow ...

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    from $23.95
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    Original price $29.95
    Current price $24.95

    Plant Communicator - Water/Fertilizer Tester

    Instantly and accurately know your plants’ moisture and fertilizer needs. This unique instrument measures moisture in the soil and the level of sol...

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    Original price $29.95
    Current price $24.95
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  • from $29.95

    Seedling Heat Mat

    Provides gentle warmth Improve seed germination and keep young plants thriving with gentle warmth under their roots. Place your seed tray on the ...

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    from $29.95
  • from $0.75

    Translucent Orchid Pots

    Our traditional orchid square pots have bottom drainage. Using translucent pots allows you to observe root development. Epiphytic plants (orchids, ...

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    from $0.75
  • from $0.55

    Round Pots - Standard

    Min. Order Qty. = 10 Allow deep root systems These round standard pots are great for starting seeds, keeping perennials and other plants that need ...

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    from $0.55
  • from $3.80

    Plug Tray

    With tapered cells (Minimum quantity 5) All Plug Trays have good drainage. The walls of the Small and Large plug trays have grooves to inhibit root...

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    from $3.80
  • from $0.78

    Square Plant Pots - Green

    Min. Order Qty. = 10 Hold more soil than round pots! 25 pack, Available in two sizes 4" width and 3-1/2" height 4-1/2" width and 3-3/4" height 4 ...

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    from $0.78
  • from $49.95

    Ultra Light Slim Hose, 7/16" ID

    No more wrestling with heavy, cumbersome hoses. Our lightweight, slim hose is the solution! Half the size and weight of a regular garden hose, it...

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    from $49.95
  • from $6.50

    Dramm Ultra-Soft Water Nozzles

    Fast, gentle watering Water your plants in half the time. The secret is in these special nozzles. Hundreds of very tiny holes break up a heavy fl...

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    from $6.50
  • $4.50

    Franchi Seeds of Italy

    Chicory. Radicchio di Castelfranco. Round crunchy closed head. Variegated with beautiful red & light green markings. Lovely in the salad bowl. ...

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  • from $18.25

    Frost Protek Plant Covers

    Protect your favorite plants from weather, deer, birds, and other pests. These durable covers are made of breathable, lightweight polypropylene – t...

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    from $18.25
  • from $14.00

    Charley's Orchid Bark

    If it says Charley's, you know it's good! Quality, clean, professional growing mediums you can depend on to keep your orchids healthy and looking...

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    from $14.00
  • from $1.07

    Round Pots - Short (3/4 Height)

    Min. Order Qty. = 10 For plants with shallow root systems like Azaleas and Gloxinia Color: green Pot Size 5.5 inch 6 inch 7.5 inch 8.5 i...

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    from $1.07
  • from $28.95

    Humidity Tray

    Humidity and good drainage make for healthier plants Indoor plants such as orchids, bonsai, ferns, and African violets stay healthier and grow be...

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    from $28.95
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    Original price $7.95
    Current price $1.99

    Seedmaster Seed Sower

    Saves seeds, time and thinning Avoid wasting seeds and tedious thinning. Just place your seeds in the chute and turn the ratchet wheel. Vibrati...

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    Original price $7.95
    Current price $1.99
    Save 75%
  • $7.95

    Bellingham Bamboo Gardener™ Glove

    Great grip - wet or dry! The Bellingham Bamboo Gardener™ glove features a bamboo/rayon knit shell. This gardening glove has a durable, flexible nit...

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  • $12.50

    Mondi 7" Vented Dome

    Extra Tall Dome (Minimum quantity 5)Give your plants extra room to get off to a good start! The generous 7" height of our thick, heavy-duty, clear ...

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  • $14.95

    Rapitest Soil Test Kit

    N-P-K-pH, 40 tests Plants need the correct pH (acidity/alkalinity) level that controls how well plants utilize the nutrients available in your soil...

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