Greenhouse Equipment

  • Jack chain provides up to 29lbs of support for greenhouse shelving. Individual chain links can be used as hooks.

    #12 Steel Jack Hardware Chain

    K8487 Hardware chain adds support to your greenhouse shelving. Can hold up to 29 lbs max per chain. Use individual links for wall hooks. 5 ft long or by the foot.

    $3.16 - $7.95
  • 120-Volt Greenhouse Heater

    120-Volt Greenhouse Heater

    120-Volt - C4027 Reliability, durability, and moisture-resistant design are all the qualities that make this heater more suitable for use in a greenhouse.Reliability – Accurate temperature control is provided by the “hydraulic”...

  • 120-Volt Portable Heater

    120-Volt Portable Heater

    FREE Shipping With extra safety features This electric heater, with automatic thermostat, provides the most heat available (5,120 Btu’s) from 120 volts, 12.25 amps. Selector switch: 1,500/1,300 watts/Fan only/OFF. Safety features; heavy-duty...

  • 24" L Mars Hydro SP-150 Full Spectrum 150W LED Grow Light

    24" L Mars Hydro SP-150 Full Spectrum 150W LED Grow Light

    SP-150, a small single bar LED grow light, with substantial blue in spectra, is an optimal lighting solution for home-grown vegetables, lettuce, succulents ... Its miniature size enables flexibility in various home scenarios such as tables, cabinets,...

  • 240-Volt Portable Heater

    240-Volt Portable Heater

    High Heat Output Gives Extra Protection BIG 4,000-watt heating capacity (13,652 Btu’s) provides 2-1/2 times more heat than any 120-volt heater! An 8"-diameter fan gives good heat distribution. The Heater conveniently pivots in a mounting stand to...

  • 40" L Mars Hydro TSL-2000 LED Grow Light

    40" L Mars Hydro TSL-2000 LED Grow Light

    For Indoor Plants Full Spectrum 300W TSL-2000 provides perfect rectangular lighting coverage. Affordable price, intuitive yields and dimming with daisy chain function. Wattage - 300W Veg Coverage - 3 ft x 5 ft Flower Coverage - 2 ft x 4 ft Standard...

  • 5" Dial Thermometer with Bracket

    5" Dial Thermometer with Bracket

    Mount indoors or outdoors Hang on screw or nail Mounting bracket adjusts angle for easy viewing Weatherproof thermometer Specifications:Temperature range: -60°F to 120°F Dimensions:25" Diameter x 0.70"...

  • Adapters for Solenoid M6158-B

    Adapters for Solenoid M6158-B

    Use with Misting Solenoid Valve (M6158-B) Our adapters make adding the brass solenoid valve to your misting systems a snap. SELECT FROM: 1/2" PVC Pipe to Solenoid, set of 2: Brass adapter, coupled with a 1/2" PVC coupling. Comes pre-taped and ready to...

    $22.30 - $25.50
  • Aluminum Shutter

    Aluminum Shutter

    Provides fresh air Greenhouse shutters allow air to be drawn into the greenhouse by the exhaust fan. SELECT: The Heavy-Duty Aluminum Shutter requires a Shutter Motor to open vanes automatically when the exhaust fan turns on, close when the fan is off. ...

    $59.50 - $327.50
  • Anti-Drip Valve

    Anti-Drip Valve

    Relieves water line pressure - M6064-CLRReduce or eliminate annoying misting cycle overruns and nozzle drip by installing this bleed-off valve. It can quickly relieve the water line pressure that causes most problems. This 1/4" valve is fully adjustable...

  • Aqua Fogger II

    Aqua Fogger II

    Direct-Feed Fog Fan - M6226 Our compact atomizing fan provides humidity, evaporative cooling, and air circulation for areas up to 300 sq. ft.  Water is atomized to 40 microns when it leaves the channels in the fan blades.  This misty-fog stream...

  • Bayliss MK7 Hydraulicheck Solar Vent Opener

    Bayliss MK7 Hydraulicheck Solar Vent Opener

    Heavy-Duty Control The Bayliss MK7 Hydraulicheck solar vent opener is the best choice for large roof vents and side-hinged wall vents. A built-in hydraulic damper prevents the vent from being wrenched open by high winds. The damper only allows gradual...

  • Bayliss MK7 Orchid Solar Vent Opener

    Bayliss MK7 Orchid Solar Vent Opener

    For tropical greenhouses This Bayliss MK7 orchid solar vent opener control operates at a higher temperature than other similar openers, allowing the greenhouse to become about 10° warmer (65° F) before the control begins to open the vent. This...

  • Bayliss MK7 Super Solar Vent Opener

    Bayliss MK7 Super Solar Vent Opener

    Heavy Lifting Capacity This larger, heavy-duty Bayliss MK7 Super solar vent opener is suitable for operating heavy, double-glazed greenhouse vents. It can lift 35 lbs. and multiple units can be used to operate full-length ridge vents. The Super has a...

  • Bayliss MK7 Triple Spring Solar Vent Opener

    Bayliss MK7 Triple Spring Solar Vent Opener

    Harness the sun for automatic ventilation! - C3503 The Bayliss MK7 Triple Spring solar vent opener is the best choice for top-hinged wall vents. It is also recommended for roof vents up to 2' x 4' in windy locations. The 2 extra springs will reduce vent...