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    Jump Start Propagator System Heavy Duty Tray

    For seeds and cuttings For use with Jump Start Propagator System (P2044). The propagation tray is insulated to stabilize soil temperature. Tray cel...

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    Plug Tray

    ll Plug Trays have good drainage. The walls of the Large plug tray have grooves to inhibit root spiraling. Ideal for perennials. Reusable plastic. ...

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    Seed Trays

    Min. Order Qty. = 5 Heavy, reusable plastic seed tray featuring individual compartments to keep root systems separate. Ideal for cuttings and seedl...

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    Seedling Heat Mat

    Provides gentle warmth Improve seed germination and keep young plants thriving with gentle warmth under their roots. Place your seed tray on the ma...

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  • from $29.95

    Economy Heat Cable

    These insulated soil heating cables gently warm your growing medium for faster germination and better growth. Use them indoors or out, in container...

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  • $21.95

    Windowsill Propagation Heat Mat

    Take advantage of the space and light on your windowsill. Jump-start your flowers, herbs, and vegetables with our Windowsill Heat Mat.Designed to f...

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  • $105.00

    Mega Size Heat Mat Add-On Mat

    Optional modular add-on for use Mega Size Heat Mat (P5228). No power cord included with add-on mat. Daisy chains to 5 Mega Size Heat Mat. 180 watts...

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  • $129.00

    Mega Size Heat Mat

    Bottom heat is one of the most important and effective ways to improve germination and rooting. This B-I-G, heavy-duty, commercial heat mat provide...

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    Humidity Tray

    Humidity and good drainage make for healthier plants Indoor plants such as orchids, bonsai, ferns, and African violets stay healthier and grow bett...

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    Heavy-Duty Propagating Mat

    Used by commercial growers Place your flats directly on this heavy rubber mat. It comes ready to use. Just roll out your mat and plug it into your ...

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  • $49.95

    Propagation Heat Mat - 4 ft

    Warm your plant rooting area 10° F - 20° F above the ambient temperature, markedly improving germination rates and rooting success!This 48" long pr...

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  • $10.00

    SolarStorm Daisy Chain Power Cord

    Daisy Chain Them Daisy-chaining power cord. Used to connect a SolarStorm fixture to another SolarStorm fixture (or several) so that both/all units ...

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