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Humidity & Misting

  • $3.50

    Poly Misting Nozzle

    Use with M6045 PVC Misting Tees Select:White or Gray (as available) Nozzle:  1.0 GPH with stainless steel filter - For propagation & overhead m...

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  • $49.95

    Chlorgon Water Filter

    Removes chlorine for healthier plants - W5423-CMP Eliminate the harsh toxic effects of chlorine in your greenhouse and garden. The result will be...

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  • $3.50

    PVC Misting Tee

    Build an economical misting system using these Tees and common 1/2" PVC pipe. (Do not use CPVC.) Cut your pipe to suitable lengths 24" to 48", and ...

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  • from $28.95

    Humidity Tray

    Humidity and good drainage make for healthier plants Indoor plants such as orchids, bonsai, ferns, and African violets stay healthier and grow be...

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    from $28.95
  • $24.95

    Chlorgon Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

    Replacement cartridge for Chlorgon Water Filter (W5423-CMP) For best results replace the Cartridge annually.

  • $7.95

    Fogg-It Mist Nozzles

    Better for flowers than April showers Used by professional growers, this deluxe brass nozzle attaches easily to standard garden hoses. Heavy-duty...

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  • $16.50

    Clic Water Pipe Hangers, 10 pack

    Rugged and versatile Use for mounting 3/4" O.D. PVC pipe* and 3/4" O.D. EMT dedicated conduit for water, misting, or electrical lines. Install with...

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  • $65.00

    Professional Misting System

    Plug 'N Play Mist Kit - M6070 When the super fine mist from this system starts drifting over your plants, they will be so much happier! Evaporat...

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  • $79.00

    Plug-In Pre-Wired Humidistat

    Easy to install - prewired - E3452 Automatically controls your humidifier or misting system. Ready to use:1. Plug humidistat into 120-volt outlet2....

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  • $23.95

    Hard Water Filter

    May use with misting systems - W5074 Reduce or eliminate “white spots” on plant leaves caused by hard water. Protect misting and watering equipme...

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  • $279.95

    Charley's Electric Water Valve Assembly

    Reliable flow control - W6044-B 0-252 gph with Misting Solenoid  Set up your misting or watering system for automatic control and monitoring wit...

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  • from $14.95

    Soil Moist Water Mat

    Vacation Watering Mat for Houseplants, Hanging Baskets, and more! Ideal for when you’re going away for an extended time and your greenhouse. Simpl...

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    from $14.95
  • $19.95

    Mondi Mini Thermo-Hygrometer

    Bring propagation to a whole new level with the Mini Greenhouse Thermo-Hygrometer! Its revolutionary technology gives out real-time information tha...

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  • Out of Stock

    Professional Misting System - Replacement Nozzle, 5 pak

    Replacement Nozzle for Professional Misting System Kit (M6070-KIT) This brass and stainless mist nozzle are engineered to form a perfect 24" cone ...

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    Out of Stock
  • $17.95

    Syphonject Fertilizer Injector (siphon)

    Siphon Mixer Fertilize as you water. The Syphonject® draws concentrated liquid fertilizer solution from a bucket through a flexible suction tube....

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  • $8.95

    Soil Moist Plus 7-7-7 Granules, 8 oz

    Cut watering tasks in half and feed your plant for an extended period of time. This water storing polymer is blended with an 8-9 month, time-releas...

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  • $124.95

    Oasis Self-Watering System

    Water up to 20 plants for 40 days! Now you can have a reliable watering system for your plants while you are away.  The Oasis gravity fed watering ...

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  • $499.00

    Charley's Humidity System with Humidistat (2.0 gph)

    Improves climate control - M6004-HUM-B Keep your plants healthy and happily growing by maintaining essential moisture in the greenhouse air. When...

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  • Save 30%
    Original price $69.95
    Current price $49.00

    Repeat Cycle Timer

    Short Range Mist Timer with Day/Night Function Ideal for seed beds, cuttings, orchids and other tropicals. Turn your mist system on for very brief ...

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    Original price $69.95
    Current price $49.00
    Save 30%
  • $3.95

    Professional Misting System - T Filter

    T Filter for Professional Misting System Kit (M6070-KIT) This filter is designed specifically for drip watering systems. By removing debris, from ...

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  • $199.00

    Misting Solenoid Valve, 24V

    Electric misting valve Provide on/off flow control for watering and misting systems. Our 24-volt valve is prewired with transformer, ready to plug ...

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  • $877.00

    Aqua Fogger II

    Direct-Feed Fog Fan - M6226 Our compact atomizing fan provides humidity, evaporative cooling, and air circulation for areas up to 300 sq. ft.  Wate...

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  • $110.95

    Economy Container Watering Kit

    Perfect for porch, deck and greenhouse Small sized drip watering kit designed for containers of all sizes, planters and window boxes. Waters up to ...

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  • Out of Stock

    Deluxe Container Watering Kit

    Perfect for porch, deck and greenhouse Medium sized drip watering kit designed for containers of all sizes, planters, and window boxes. Waters up t...

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    Out of Stock