Glazing Tapes

  • Foam Glazing Tape 3/8" wide x 1/16" thick

    Foam Glazing Tape 3/8" wide x 1/16" thick

    Closed-cell for glass or Multi-Wall polycarbonate This foam tape has a closed-cell structure that cannot absorb moisture. Black color, super sticky on both sides. 150 ft roll. 3/8" wide x 1/16" thick. Use when securing panels directly to wood frame...

  • Foilastic Butyl Flashing Tape, 3" x 50 ft

    Foilastic Butyl Flashing Tape, 3" x 50 ft

    Preferred by experienced glaziers Use this waterproof sealant tape for all exterior glazing joints. It is a solid ribbon of butyl adhesive, 35 mil (1/32") thick x 3" wide. Has a strong adhesive back which can be installed in any weather.  Roll is 50 feet...

  • Poly Patch Tape

    Poly Patch Tape

    Poly Mending Tape Extend the life of your covering. Mend polyethylene fast and easy. Long-lasting, super-stick, clear adhesive. UV protected. Many uses. As available: 48 ft roll (with release liner)54 ft roll (self wound, no release liner) Select:2"...

    $17.50 - $32.50
  • Solid aluminum sealant tape

    Solid Aluminum Tape

    Solid aluminum sealant tape * Used with Aluminum Poli-Lok System to keep out dust and moisture. Apply Aluminum Tape to the top flutes and Vented Polycarbonate Tape to the bottom flutes of the sheets. * Can also be used for tops of multi-wall...

    $27.50 - $33.25
  • Vented Polycarbonate Tape Roll

    Vented Polycarbonate Tape Roll

    Protect your poly panels Use this special adhesive tape to seal ends of Multi-Wall polycarbonate panels. The woven material is breathable, long-lasting, strong, and flexible. Easy-to-apply. Cover tape with flashing or wood to prevent the sun from drying...

    $39.95 - $67.95