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Innovation from New Zealand

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Designed and made for New Zealand's harsh conditions. Stands up to high winds (85 mph) and guaranteed not to have panels blow out! Unique rubber bead sealing system designed to hold glazing panels firmly in place while adding significant strength to the overall structure.

* Strong, durable aluminum framework with base.
* Black powder-coated finish by Dulux.
* Choice of Glazing:
- All Insulating 6 mm TwinWall Polycarbonate - traps heat from the sun, insulates against cold, excellent 80% light transmission, diffuses sunlight, minimizes interior condensation.
- 4 mm Tempered Safety Glass with Insulating 6 mm TwinWall Roof
- All 4 mm Tempered Safety Glass - classic look
* Smooth sliding 76" H doors on rollers with stainless steel bearings.
* Opening, lockable roof vents. Optional auto vent openers available.
* Unique gutter system for collecting rain water.
* Standard foundation stakes included to stake into ground or concrete (see photo)

Outside to Outside Foundation Dimensions:
6' 5-5/8" W x 8' 6-1/4" L
6' 5-5/8" W x 10' 6-3/4" L
8' 6-1/4" W x 8' 6-1/4" L
8' 6-1/4" W x 10' 6-3/4" L
8' 6-1/4" W x 12' 7-3/8" L
10' 6-3/4" W x 12' 7-3/8" L
10' 6-3/4" W x 16' 10-1/4" L

( Optional Flush or Surface Foundation Mounting Kits available for exposed conditions. )

Call for actual outside-to-outside foundation dimensions.

Select Size and Glazing.
6 ft wide
has Single Sliding Door and two Roof Vents.
8 ft wide has Double Sliding Doors and two Roof Vents for 8x8 and 8x10; four Roof Vents for 8x12.
10 ft wide has Double Sliding Doors and four Roof Vents for 10x12; six Roof Vents for 10x16. (NOTE: The mfg assembly manual shows 8 roof vents on the 10x16, but only 6 are needed and included with the kit.)

Greenhouses ship throughout the U.S. via motor freight. 

Customer building tips:
   * About the T-head bolts:  1) Put T-bolt into greenhouse channel and turn clockwise about 45 degrees.  2) If you use a power drill, set the drill on low torque and be careful not to over-tighten the nuts.
Click here for T-Bolt instructions PDF.
  * Install rubber beading (aka gasket) in door before installing door on frame.  This will make the door easier to move around.
    * Rubber beading with brown stripe is for glass glazing.  Rubber beading with orange stripe is for polycarbonate glazing.
    * Poly Roof Vents use 2mm gray stripe gasket on sides, with silicone at top and bottom.  Glass Roof Vents use 2mm gray stripe gasket on top and bottom, with 4mm orange stripe gasket on sides.

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