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17979 State Route 536 Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Looking for a Strong Greenhouse that can withstand High Winds and Heavy Snow?

Our Cross Country Greenhouse series is the greenhouse that will give you peace of mind. Every model carries a minimum wind load of 85 miles per hour and snow loads of 32 pounds per square foot. And the good news? They can be rated to meet higher loads in your area if needed. Call our team today to hear more about these sustainable greenhouses that offer a lifetime warranty, too!

Strength And Versatility

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What Our Customers Say

Thank you, all for getting my order taking care. I received my order after two months. There was no damage. Perfect condition. God Bless

Omar Jones

I purchased my greenhouse almost 17 years ago from Charley's and I absolutely love it still! It looks the same as it did when I first bought it. Very best quality and I would definitely recommend Charley's if you're wanting to purchase a greenhouse.

Donna S

Bought polycarbonate sheets to construct a greenhouse. Visited the store to learn more about the product and what I would need for the project. Later I ordered the material by phone before coming to pick it up. The order was ready as promised. Everyone I dealt with, Meghan, Sarah, and Steve, was friendly, knowledgeable and willing to answer my questions. Also, the Polycarbonate 101 information packet was valuable in planning and executing my project.

Wilson Binger

Quickly stopped by to seek advice on how to rebuild our greenhouse that tore apart in our last major wind storm. They were quick and knowledgeable with what we were seeking. Advised us how to accurately measure for plastic and polycarbonate material. Will be placing order soon and cannot wait to get it repaired.

Georgia Gerber

I was very pleased with the staff as they were extremely friendly and welcoming. I received all the help i needed when loading my vehicle and left with a smile!

Nathan Fisher

The owners and staff are truly the best, most helpful and highly experienced in gardening, greenhouses, and thousands of products. They are polycarbonate experts and really know how to design and build a greenhouse. They can get products that nobody else can get, they are creative and inventive in how they solve gardening problems. Huge content on their website. I've found them to be friendly people who truly love gardening!!

Wayne Fjelstad

Karri was thorough and helpful with all our questions about polycarbonate installation! She anticipated our needs and made the transaction pleasant and encouraging. Thank you, Karri!

Lauren Sauser

We've been customers for 17 years -- one home-built greenhouse and one kit. Never a shoddy product. Reasonable pricing for highest quality. Always cheerful service.

Richard Divelbiss

Helpful, knowledgeable staff, excellent customer service. Ordered a greenhouse kit. Was able to see a completed kit before purchasing.

Lisa Hance

This place is great! They can help you design and execute the greenhouse of your dreams. Dedicated supply and advice is huge advantage since you can just drive down anytime you need.

Juan Sepulveda

Great supplier of polycarbonate panels with large in stock inventory..quick and easy checkouts

Noel Montoya

Great products and service!

Carol Lindlow

Great products, friendly people, expert help and advice. Support your local businesses!

North Cascade Group

Excellent service and great products

Carlann Copps

Very helpful.

Cliff Horr

Very helpful staff. Thanks!

Jason Erickson

Charley's Greenhouse & Garden

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