Plant Supports

  • Blossom Clips, 25 pak

    Blossom Clips, 25 pak

    Butterfly or Dragonfly Support Clips Use these attractive, translucent plastic clips instead of “tacky” tie-wire to support bloom spikes. 25 pack of assorted colors. Select:  Dragonfly or Butterfly style.

  • Daisy Support Clips

    Daisy Support Clips

    Use these inconspicuous, green, plastic daisy clips to support your blooms. Medium size. Pack of 50.

  • Garden Wire Plant Support

    Garden Wire Plant Support

    Extend your fall harvest with plant support - P8246 Garden wire is ideal for tying plants, vegetables and vines to supports and wire cages. Flexible and coated for long life. Multipurpose for garden and home. Cut easily with your pruner wire-cutting...

  • Heavy Duty Soft Twist Tie, 16 ft

    Heavy Duty Soft Twist Tie, 16 ft

    This Heavy Duty Soft Wire Tie is a multi-purpose cushioned wire that you can use anywhere, outside or inside. It's perfect for bundling up vegetables, flowers, plants, tying hoses, and much more. This type of wire is less damaging than many of the...

  • Light Duty Soft Twist Tie, 16 ft

    Light Duty Soft Twist Tie, 16 ft

    This Light Duty Soft Wire Plant tie is strong and durable for many uses around the garden, yard, and home. It features a soft, rubber coating with a strong wire core. As your plant grows, the wire center ensures it keeps the desired shape. It easily...