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Retail Store Update!

Pots & Flats

  • from $2.95

    10x20 tray with or without holes

    Improve propagation success (Minimum quantity 5) This handy plastic flat forms a sturdy support for Pot-Paks and Plug Trays. Choose with holes or w...

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    from $2.95
  • $3.40

    Compartment Pot Paks, break apart

    Plant starter (Minimum quantity 5) Reusable plastic containers featuring individual cells to keep root systems separate. Ideal for cuttings or se...

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  • from $0.66

    Translucent Orchid Pot with Side Slots

    This vented translucent orchid pot has a raised center cone and continuous slots on the bottom and around the sides for maximum air circulation. Si...

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    from $0.66
  • $11.95

    Heavy Duty 1020 Quad Thick Tray

    (Minimum quantity 5) These reusable trays are built tough for long lasting durability! They are 4 times the thickness of regular 10 x 20 trays. No ...

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  • from $0.75

    Translucent Orchid Pots

    Our traditional orchid square pots have bottom drainage. Using translucent pots allows you to observe root development. Epiphytic plants (orchids, ...

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    from $0.75
  • from $1.07

    Azalea Pots - 3/4 Height

    Min. Order Qty. = 10 For plants with shallow root systems like Azaleas and Gloxinia. Drain holes in bottom. Color: green Pot Size 5-1/2" diam ...

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    from $1.07
  • $12.95

    Mondi 7" Vented Dome

    Extra Tall Dome - P2333 (Minimum quantity 5)Give your plants extra room to get off to a good start! The generous 7" height of our thick, heavy-duty...

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  • $1.60

    Clear Orchid Pot

    Min. Order Qty. = 5 This round, clear pot features a raised center cone in the bottom and legs on the underside for superior circulation and draina...

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  • from $2.19

    Bulb Pan - 1/2 Height

    Min. Order Qty. = 5 Great for bulbs, cactus and starting seeds.  Green. Sizes available:1/2 Height, 6" diam x 3-3/4" h1/2 Height, 8" diam x 4" h

    from $2.19
  • from $9.25

    Hanging Pots w/ 3-Strand Hanger

    Display plants beautifully Min. Order Qty. = 5 8" diameter4-3/4" height with 1" tray attachedincludes 3-strand 20" wire hanger 10" diameter 5-3/4" ...

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    from $9.25
  • Out of Stock

    1020 Lattice Flat

    This medium weight lattice flat provides more support for soil laden pot-paks and larger pots. Features strong lattice bottom with solid sides. Uni...

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    Original price $2.95
    Current price $1.95

    White Pot Hanger - 4 Strand

    (Minimum quantity 5) Great for hanging baskets 10" to 16" size. And bird feeders also. Max load 20 lbs. Overall 21" long.

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    Current price $1.95
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  • $3.95

    Clear Orchid Cone Pot

    Minimum order qty = 5 pots Room to grow, room to breathe - P1712 This clear orchid pot features a raised center cone and legs on the underside for ...

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