BY THE FOOT - 12 ft wide Green Knitted Shade Fabric 60%, per linear ft Leaf

Economical shading - C2028

Avoid plant-killing high temperatures in your greenhouse. Some shading is required during spring, summer, and early fall. Plan to cover the roof and south wall at least down to bench level.

This lightweight, easy-to-handle fabric blocks 60% of sunlight. It can be cut to any size or shape and will not unravel. Knitted from high-density, UV-protected poly "yarn." The open knit pattern allows better air circulation to minimize heat buildup between fabric and greenhouse. Order whatever length needed to cover your greenhouse from our 12 ft. wide bulk roll. To install, simply drape over the greenhouse and secure with C2040 Grommet Clips (order separately) and tie-down lines. Secure fabric every 2 ft to spread fabric out evenly. Life: 5 to 10 years.

12 feet wide. Price per linear foot. 60% density*
*Density is the percentage of sunlight blocked by the shade.

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Take down, dry, fold and put away for winter. Can clean with mild soap and water.

Click here for Charley's Tip PDF - How to make a roll shade system.

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